February 26, 2007

Attorney Madison

My name is Leonard Foster and I was a juror during one of your trials.  Although very familiar with attorneys and the general workings of our legal system; I had never served on a jury before.  My only familiarity with trials came from television.

Your presentation, style, and demeanor set the tone for the entire courtroom.  Each word and objection you asserted was timely and really impressed the jury.  Your overall presence and obvious command of the law not only led us to exonerate your client; but, also educated us and allowed us to really think and evaluate the evidence.  In all my dealings with attorneys, I am extremely impressed with your abilities and place you at the top of my list of attorneys with regard to various practices and levels of expertise.

Your attention to detail saved your client’s life and changed my perspective on defense attorneys and their role within our justice system.  As a result, I feel refreshed that we acquitted your client.  I feel even better knowing that professionalism and honesty has not been lost within your profession.

Attorney Madison, I would not hesitate to recommend you to my closest family members and friends if the need should ever arise.  Best wishes and may your practice continue to grow!



Leonard M Foster
Director, Human Resources
County of Summit

February 27, 2007

Walter T. Madison, Esq.
The Law Office of  Walter T, Madison, LLC
209 S. Main Street – 8th Floor
Akron, OH  44308

Dear Attorney Madison,

It is important for you to know what I think about you and your legal ability.  In my position as Assistant Vice President at KeyBank, I deal in precision and details.  Consequently, in all of my professional dealings I have come to expect the same from others.

Your professionalism and thorough detail oriented style not only met but exceeded my exacting standards.  Your acumen and legal skill only further set you apart from the many other attorneys I have dealt with in the past.

Far too many people underestimate the value of an attorney and their skill level.  Your attentiveness and ability to explain each step of the legal process was most helpful, and quite frankly very comfortable.

I am most appreciative and lucky to know and have a resource in you as my counsel. Your professional and civic accomplishments in the Northeast Ohio community have made you the best of the class!


Lamar Cole
Assistant Vice President

Business Banking

Dear Walter T Madison:

I wish to thank you personally for representing me and winning my case today in court.  I appreciate the time and effort that you gave in helping me to secure probation only, and not incarceration of more than five years.  I never thought that my actions and lack of self-control on December 5, 2006, could have cost me so much.  Your diligent efforts and concerns, secured my freedom to return home to my family.  Today’s decision has also made me re-examine how important it is now for me to become a different individual, a better parent, and a more serious judge of character.  I plan to meet all of the requirements set aside, in order to have my son back with me, and to have stronger confidence within myself.

I am very thankful that you, Mr. Madison never gave up on me.  I am not a bad person and you believed the same.  I truly know that you indeed worked your magic today in my behalf.  I respect the work that you do.  I want your colleagues and the entire world to know that you take the law very seriously.  You did not lose faith. When I was down, you listened, you heard me and you encouraged me.  You also feel the value of keeping families together.  I pray that our next journey within the Juvenile System will also reap a good response with my son coming home.

Thank you for hearing me when I was most upset.  Thank you for suggesting who to meet with and how they would help in my development.  Thank you for your encouraging words and directives and especially your “no-holds-barred” comments.

I am glad that when we first sat and talked about charges, you gave me HOPE.  Despite my errors, I could and would be complete again.  I am glad that you are my Attorney at Law.  Mr. Madison, you did your job.  You did well.  Thank you for caring enough to say and then produce, and to prove to me and my family how serious a strong, caring heart with good intentions, gets great results.

I intend to recommend you Mr. Madison to help many more.


Toruko K. Hooks

Dear Mr. Madison                                                          January 6, 2007

            I would like to thank you for all your hard work and perseverance in regards to my son’s case.  You went above and beyond the expectation as an attorney.  Your willingness to help us understand every step of the process from beginning to end was very comforting at a critical time in our lives.  I want to thank you as well, for your diligence in always getting back to me right away amidst my many phone calls.  Thinking straight at that point in time just wasn’t an option for me or my son.  Most of all, your professionalism, patience, and truly caring disposition will always be appreciated and never forgotten.  I have spread the word and will continue to do so.  Indeed you are an admirable attorney.  Thank you so much for everything you’ve accomplished for us.  God bless you.


T. Atkinson

November 29, 2006                                                               

The Law Office of Walter T Madison, LLC
Walter Madison
209 S Main Street
Akron , Ohio 44308

I was driving down an interstate when I was pulled over by several state troopers.  I later found out the DEA was also involved.  Shortly, after they seized over ten kilos of cocaine.  I was facing over 10 years in a federal prison (on my first conviction).  While I was in jail awaiting my indictment, a court appointed attorney was assigned to me.  I was told by inmates that it didn’t matter if I had a court appointed attorney or a paid attorney that I would be sentenced to the same amount of time.  After weeks waiting to hear from my court appointed attorney I started to wonder but would not get a reply. 

A month and a half went by being transferred from jail to jail across the state and my attorney was nowhere to be found, he even missed one of my hearings.  While I was in prison I came across an inmate that had served time before and had experience with previous attorneys.  He told me of an attorney that he had recently hired because his previous attorney wasn’t working his case to his full potential.  I asked him if he could set up an appointment for me and he did.  He told me he had hired many attorneys before on other cases and Walter came across as some one he could trust with his case; in reality his life because he was facing several years in prison. 

When I first met Walter he was up front and didn’t exaggerate.  He didn’t act as if he were trying to sell me because I was the one in jail and that helped my moral.  I believe we broke a record when my case was dismissed.  I spent a total time of three and months in jail when the evidence was suppressed and I was released.  Other people in jail had been arrested with far less and they’d spent more than a year awaiting their sentence.  That in itself says a lot about Walter.  He’s very professional and very astute.  Don’t listen to inmates about what you should do.  A few inmates were trying to convince me of pleading guilty without a fight and that was wrong.  Luckily, I listened to Walter and he delivered.  I was fortunate that I was introduced to Walter.  I heard many horror stories about attorneys taking the money and not defending their clients to their full potential.  I couldn’t believe it when I was given my civilian clothes and let out the iron doors.  I walked out of prison and turned slowly around to see the federal prison behind me soon there after Walter came in his car and picked me up.  He drove me to a hotel and shook my hand- I told him if I had a pile of money that I would have given it to him.  As I was on an airplane flying back to Houston, Texas I saw downtown or as it’s known the Sky line and I thought I would never see H Town again.  My final words “You won’t be disappointed” Good Luck


                                                                                    Victor Vasquez

From the first moment I meet Attorney Walter Madison, I knew he was a great attorney.  He listened, he was very patient and most importantly he demonstrated a tremendous of skill and great knowledge in the courtroom.  As a result I have been very successful in court for many years.  He is simply the BEST!!!

Anthony Swain

February 1, 2007

Walter T. Madison, Esq.
Malone Building – 8th Floor
209 S. Main Street
Akron, OH  44308

Attorney Madison,

I am writing to thank you for your efforts and diligence.  You have restored my faith in the legal system and attorneys.  Amidst all the lawyer jokes and negativity, you stood tall as an attorney with honor and integrity.  Each time you said you would do something you did it.  Your communication and diligence has helped me beyond measure.  May God continue to bless you and I will be eternally grateful to you.


Michael Lewis

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