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Attorney Walter Madison

Welcome to Attorney Walter T Madison's web site and legal resource center . We hope that you will find our site informative and useful. Our goal is to provide the highest quality legal services to you and your business in a timely fashion. 

Attorney Madison concentrates in the area of criminal defense; he is a well staffed solo practitioner, which, allows each client to receive personal attention and quality representation.   Attorney Madison has successfully handled many of the highest profile cases in Summit County and Ohio. Some of those cases have garnered the attention of international media such as CNN, Court TV, Larry King, The Montell Williams Show, ProSabian TV (Germany) and Dateline NBC.

From the time an individual becomes the subject of an investigaton through trial; Attorney Madison works diligently at obtaining a favorable result for his clients.  In doing so, Attorney Madison has gained a reputation that has extended his base to include clients from California, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Because many people are unaware of their rights or their awareness escapes them at the at the very time it's needed; my legal resource center is designed to be there for you when necessary. Although not to be specifically applied without legal consultation, it's free and potentially life saving.

Attorney Madison strives for prompt, professional, and diligent quality not quantity based service. He is proud of his committment and team approach in representing clients accused of crimes.  Therefore, if your legal issue calls for pre-indictment strategy, trial litigation, or general consultation, Attorney Walter T. Madison can help!

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About Walter T. Madison
Over the past two decades, Attorney Walter Madison has concentrated in criminal defense. Learn more about his experience.

Noteworthy Cases
A brief list and description of cases handled by Attorney Walter Madison.

Read what past clients have to say about their representation.

These downloadable podcasts have been made available for your PC, Mac, Smart phones, or other mobile media devices.

Areas of Practice
Learn about the types of cases that are generally defended.

Civic and Community Involvement
Attorney Madison is an active member of the community, find out more about his involvement.

Facts You Shoud Know
A set of facts everyone should know about your rights.

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